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220 Heifers Sell • March 23, 2023

Right Out of the GDAR Program

220 Heifers Sell

Heifer Supplement Sheet

Remember they sell in consecutive lot order, take 5 or more, and they sell before the bulls at 1:00 Mountain

Producing better cows generation after generation has been the goal of the GDAR program for 60 years. GDAR cows are functional, fertile, easy fleshing, moderate framed, feminine, and possess the genetics to produce profit at every stage of the beef industry. This is the chance to put some of these females to work on your operation.

Over half of these heifers are out of GDAR AI sires with the remainder being out of GDAR bulls. All heifers were raised at GDAR, most on the commercial operation, with a few being out of registered cows. They have a similar genetic package to the bulls selling, and all of the maternal excellence GDAR is known for.

All heifers sell as commercials. They will be sorted and lotted by size and will sell in lot order in groups of 5 or more. Approximate weights will be available to estimate load sizes. They can be viewed any time, they are only a few minutes from the ranch, and will be on location for sale day.

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